BioMaster HS-qPCR (2x)

Alternative Product: Try PowerUp SYBR Green Master Mix, our newest, high-performance SYBR colourant-based master mix for superior performance at a very competitive price. With PowerUp SYBR Green Master Mix, we’ve taken the best of the DyNAmo HS SYBR Green qPCR Kit and added additional capabilities for your gene expression analysis.

The Thermo Scientific DyNAmo HS SYBR Green qPCR Kit contains a modified Thermus brockianus DNA polymerase and all other reagents required for qPCR. The user only needs to add PCR primers and template DNA. The modified DNA polymerase in this kit incorporates a nonspecific DNA-binding domain that provides physical stability to the DNA-polymerase complex. ROX Passive Reference Dye is also supplied with the kit in a separate tube for instruments that require ROX normalization.


  • High specificity: DyNAmo HS SYBR Green Master Mix minimizes unwanted primer dimer formation and extension of non-specifically bound primers during reaction setup
  • Highly sensitive detection: Optimized master mix enables reproducible detection of low copy number templates
  • Wide Dynamic Range: The DyNAmo HS SYBR Green qPCR Kit detects as few as one copy of the target gene and achieves a dynamic range of up to eight orders of magnitude
  • Convenient to use – 2X master mix, just one tube. ROX passive reference dye provided in a separate vial

For research use only. It should not be used in diagnostic procedures.


To use with (application): Real-time PCR (qPCR)

For use with (team)

System 7000, System 7300, Rapid System 7500, System 7500, System 7700, Rapid System 7900HT, System 7900HT, BioRad CFX96™, QuantStudio™, ViiA™ System 7, Bio-Rad CFX384 Touch™, Roche LightCycler 480, Detection System for 5700 sequences, StepOnePlus™ System, Eppendorf MasterCycler RealPlex, Corbett RotorGene, StepOne™ System, Stratagene Mx4000, Stratagene Mx3005P, Stratagene Mx3000P, MJ Opticon, MJ Chromo4, Cepheid SmartCycler

Game type: DyNAmo HS SYBR Green qPCR Kit

Product line: Dynamo

Kind of product: SYBR real-time PCR master mix

Enough for: 500 reactions of 20 μL each, 200 reactions of 50 μL each

Concentration: 2X (DyNAmo HS SYBR Green qPCR Mix), 50X (ROX Dye)

Detection method: SYBR

Format: Tube

GC-Rich PCR Yield: High

No. of reactions: reactions

PCR method: qPCR

Polymerase: Tbr DNA polymerase

Reaction speed: Standard

Example type: DNA, dsDNA

Volume: 5x1ml

Content and storage


  • 5 x 1 ml DyNAmo HS SYBR Green qPCR Mix (2X)
  • 250 µL of 50X ROX dye, 25 µM

Store at -20°C

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